5 Benefits of Stand-up Paddleboarding


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Stand-up Paddleboarding(SUP) is a full body workout helping increase your overall strength. As a low impact exercise it is easy on the joints but great for building strength. Using your feet, legs and core to stabilize and your upper back and arms to paddle, every muscle in your body gets some love. If you are trying SUP for the first time you may notice the muscles in your feet may not be as strong as you think they are! Remember, just like any other sport, it is a good idea to stretch afterwards.


“Sometimes we just need to step outside and get some fresh air.” This is so true! I’m sure we can all admit that most days are spent with a few too many hours staring at a screen. Taking some time to enjoy nature is exactly what our bodies need. Unplug from life for an hour or two, look up at the sky, listen to the water crash along the shore, feel the breeze on your skin and focus only on trying to stay upright on your paddleboard(; I promise, it will do you more good than you could ever imagine. Unplug. Get outside!

Balance and Coordination

As you can imagine SUP definitely challenges your balance! Good news is that it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. An average first time participant will feel comfortable on their board after 60 minutes. After a few hours on a board, your balance and coordination will improve significantly, which is beneficial for all aspects of life.

Reduces Stress

Stress is linked to a multitude of physical and emotional health issues, including sleeping problems, depression, headaches and stomach pain. Yoga is one of the most common stress relieving exercises, but Paddleboarding is too! Surrounded by nature and concentrating on your movement, it’s a perfect way to relieve stress. We like to combine the two for Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga. Give it a shot! Or just enjoy a simple paddle, whatever calms you down, allows you to focus on the moment and take a few deep breaths.


Stand-up Paddleboarding is perfect for cross-training, no matter the sport you are in. All athletes could use a core engaging, heart racing, low impact, fun activity to help boost their sports performance! Who doesn’t want a strong healthy heart? Keep up on your cardiovascular exercise with something you thoroughly enjoy doing.

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